Does Last Squirt get every last drop out of the bottle?

Last Squirt's patented design creates a suction to get almost every last drop out of the bottle no matter the product. However, it works best with lower viscosity liquids such as soap and cleaning products. Small amounts of thicker product may stay inside the bottle.


Last Squirt doesn't fit one of my tubes. What do I do?

Last Squirt's three standard sizes fit over 85% of consumer product bottles. If you find a tube that Last Squirt won't fit please take a picture of it and email to makemytube@lastsquirt.com We will contact you to make your tube as soon as possible.


Is Last Squirt reusable?

Yes! Not only does Last Squirt reduce waste, it is also reusable. Simply take the extender off of the tube at the end of use and place on the next tube. Or wash and store inside the Last Squirt resealable bag.


Where is Last Squirt made?

Last Squirt is proudly headquartered in beautiful Austin, Texas. Manufacturing is done nearby in Houston, Texas. Last Squirt is made in the U.S.A!


Who do I contact if I have an issue or question about Last Squirt?

We're east to contact. Please email office@lastsquirt.com or call 866-277-8478


Where can I buy Last Squirt in a store?

A list of retailers can be obtained by emailing us or checking lastsquirt.com If you are a salon, grocery store, or other retailer interested in selling Last Squirt please use the form below to contact us for wholesale pricing.