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People Love last squirt!

"Last Squirt is really easy to use. I put it on my hand soap foam pumps and it gets every last bit out. Then I just refill the bottle with more soap. That's a lot less bottles to recycle or throw away."

Cindy M.

"My body wash stopped working with almost a quarter left inside. I remembered I had a pack of Last Squirt extenders. It was easy to attach and after a few pumps it really worked!"

-Bret T.

"It's frustrating when I can't get all the soap or hand lotion out of the bottle. I used to add water to dilute but the soap doesn't work very well. Lately I've just thrown the bottle away. I attached Last Squirt and the soap lasted another three weeks."

Mike H.

Captain Last Squirt

He's serious about stopping waste.

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Extend Your Tube.

Captain Last Squirt Strikes Again!

How do you get the rest of the soap out of your bottle?

How Do You Get The Rest Out?


It's easy to use.

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